Online Motion Form

Please fill out this form to submit a motion for consideration at the next SASC meeting. This will send your motion as an email to the vice chair, who will check it over and get it ready to be considered at the meeting. Please include your phone number or email address (or both) so that the vice chair can contact you if necessary with questions.

In the motion, make sure you say:

  1. Who is to do something
  2. What they are to do

If needed, also tell:

  1. How they are to do it
  2. When it is to be done
  3. Why they are to do it


I move that the SASC hold its March meeting on April 7th.

I move that the SASC hold an annual Unity Day convention in February or March of each year, conducted by the Activities Sub-Committee, as a celebration of unity.

    Made by: Seconded by: Home Group: Date: Contact information: or (Contact information won't be included in the SASC minutes.) I move that: Intent: If needed, upload supporting documents here: